Friday, August 8, 2008

Pedestrian Dilemma

(click on image for full size view)

I bet this happens to more of us than we'd like to admit...


Elizabeth said...

I really enjoy reading Vern & Dern. I think the humor appeals to a broader audience since it is less "african oriented". Most Americans have no clue about South Africa culture, politics, etc. so Madam & Eve may not appeal to or be understood by them as much.

Barry said...

I love this one!!

Yeah, this happens to me a lot. But then we both move to one side and wait until one of us finally moves.

But I don't think pushing forward will help.

eva said...

This one is great! Happens to me so many times...

I love vern and dern, even though I prefer madame & eve, but keep up with this good work, it's putting a smile on my face every morning.

Greetings from Vienna, Austria.


Citizen Monteith said...

Truly brilliant! 5 stars for the last panel, the "it happened again" couldn't have been worded better. Keep it up Stephen and Rico!

Malcolm from Melbourne